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Our marketing services take a result-oriented approach to developing and transforming online businesses. We provide end-to-end solutions that drive engagement, sales and positive ROI.

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Attract, Engage, Convert.
Our Digital Marketing campaigns increase visibility, drive conversions and improve ROI. Our holistic approach integrates all forms of internet marketing and digital advertising to deliver results across all channels appropriate to your business.
Our Services
Social media promotion
Social media is considered the second most effective form of digital marketing, but more than a third of businesses don't have social media at all. This is largely due to the fact that small businesses don't have the time or resources to invest in social media marketing.
  • Brand positioning
  • Increasing the confidence of potential customers
  • Maximize your reach, quality website traffic, and conversions
Google ADS
Good advertising on Google AdWords will help you exploit the potential of the search engine! We will make sure that your offer reaches people who are actually interested in your product.
  • Allow your customers to find you
  • You will adjust your advertising to your needs
  • Your sales results will increase
Advertising on TikTok
Advertising on TikTok will help you reach a young, energetic audience that loves to share great content.
  • Target generation Z
  • Use new trends to get new consumers
  • Challenge your brand with TikTok
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Social media offers a huge range of possibilities. Our digital agency will help you decide which advertising campaign will have the biggest effect.
  • Build an engaged community
  • Acquire customers for your products and services
  • Increase brand awareness
Advertising on YouTube
Video campaigns are becoming increasingly popular. This means that effective online advertising relies heavily on using the YouTube platform!
  • Reach completely new customers
  • Tailor your ads to your audience's preferences
  • Generate positive emotions and increase sales
Advertising on Linkedin
LinkedIn Ads can help your business reach a professional audience that has 2x the buying power of professionals on other platforms
  • Reach a more professional audience
  • More precise audience targeting thanks to industry specifications
  • Allows you to establish a direct connection with the target audience
Advertising on Pinterest
Pinterest for many is a source of inspiration, including shopping inspiration. Our experts know exactly how to find people who are inspired by your brand or product.
  • Increase traffic to your content on or off Pinterest
  • Showcase your products and content in a simple image format
  • Increase in-store purchases
Website developing
A website is a very important digital marketing tool. With it, you can tell other people about your business in order to increase the number of conversions and profits.
  • Tell potential buyers about your business
  • Take your business online
  • Discover the possibilities of PPC advertising
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Founder - Mikhail Antonchanka
I was born in Minsk, Belarus. I speak English, Polish, Russian, Belarusian and Chinese. Even when I was in high school, I began to get involved in the field of marketing and promotion in social media. From the age of 15, I began to provide people with the services of promoting social media, developing websites, as well as maintaining their advertising accounts. For 3 years I have collected a lot of positive reviews and letters of recommendation and at the age of 18 I opened a full-fledged marketing agency, which is officially registered in 3 countries and works all over the world

Since childhood, I have been devoting a lot of time to diversified development. I am a participant and winner of many international competitions and olympiads in mathematics, English, Polish, Chinese and computer science. Every year I set 3-5 goals for myself, which I fulfill step by step every day and I can say with confidence that all our dreams come true if we go towards them. I am happy and proud that I now live in a world that opens up endless possibilities with the help of Internet technologies.
Our company is officially registered in 3 countries
Paris, France
ID SIREN: 903 345 213

Address: 60 rue Francois 1er 75008
Paris, France
London, United Kingdom
Registration number: 13379072

Address: Suite 5, 5th Floor, City Reach, 5 Greenwich View Place,
London E14 9NN, United Kingdom

Warsaw, Poland
NIP: 5272996660

Address: woj. MAZOWIECKIE, pow. Warszawa, gm. Warszawa, miejsc. Warszawa, ul. Marcina Kasprzaka, nr 31b, lok. 199, 01-234

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Steps of Work
The first stage of any cooperation is a request. Even the largest projects start with a phone call or sending an application. Let's talk!
Our work begins with a complete analysis of your company's resources, USP, as well as competitor analysis.
Individual Strategy
After a thorough analysis, we develop an individual strategy based on the goals and budget of the client, as well as select advertising platforms.
After all the preliminary stages, we begin the implementation of the project. During the implementation, we provide you with a full report on the work done and the results.
We treat clients like business partners
We treat clients like business partners

Our Digital Marketing Approach

Attract, engage, convert
Our integrated approach to marketing utilizes all appropriate channels working together as a unified system, to ensure no opportunity is overlooked. We are on top of industry trends and understand what Google and other search engines require to increase your website’s visibility and drive qualified leads.
Our marketing process begins with discovery and strategy. First we listen: to you, to your audience and to our research. We then make informed decisions on how best to generate engagement and drive conversions. There is no one size fits all approach, and we tailor each campaign to the needs of the client.

Driven by analytics
When it comes to online marketing, the results are in the analytics data. Through continual monitoring of critical metrics such as unique/repeat visitors, bounce rates, time on site and conversion tracking, we are able to track trends and success indicators while remaining agile enough to fix what isn’t working.
We are data obsessed and use key site metrics to test and improve efforts throughout the lifecycle of our campaigns. We ensure that your marketing investment is top of mind, and take every measure to generate maximum ROI as quickly as possible.
Our Contacts
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your project. We work with companies in all industries, big or small.

+44 7367 899 788 (WhatsApp) United Kingdom, London
+48 518 861 311 (Telegram) Poland, Warsaw
+33749532888 (Telegram) France, Nice, Paris
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United Kingdom:
Registered in Company House England and Wales United Kingdom
Registration number: 13379072
Address: Suite 5, 5th Floor, City Reach, 5 Greenwich View Place,
London E14 9NN, United Kingdom

ID SIREN: 903 345 213
60 rue François 1er 75008
Paris, France

NIP: 5272996660
Address: woj. MAZOWIECKIE, pow. Warszawa, gm. Warszawa, miejsc. Warszawa, ul. Marcina Kasprzaka, nr 31b, 01-234

+44 7367 899 788 (WhatsApp) United Kingdom, London
+48 518 861 311 (Telegram) Poland, Warsaw
+33749532888 (Telegram) France, Nice, Paris
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